Become a pretty girl - Japanese woman tips

very pretty and sexy japanese girl with her beauty skinThe Japanese girls and woman famous with tthe beauty ofher skin that was white, clean, and was seen soft and soft. Possibly you thought that they used expensive cosmetics to treat their beautiful skin. Don't was wrong, the Japanese woman evidently more liked the maintenance of traditional skin like our grandmother beforehand, wanted tau whether their pretty recipe? Come on was viewed by us tips was supervised this.

Sticky rice was the material most that's enjoyed by the Japanese woman in treating skin. Be enough to use sticky rice and cloth was increased by patience and patience, you could imitate the Japanese female method treating skin.

The method are:

* First put sticky rice in the pocket that was made from satin cloth or cotton.
* Crushed slowly this rice through to soft. Pay attention to lest the broken pocket so as the rice jumped everywhere.
* Insert the pocket contained the rice pounded in warm water. Announced while several minutes, or as far as water changed to like the mother's milk.
* Stuck the pocket to the face evenly, was announced till 2 minutes.
* Cleaned with cold water.

After the use, don't discard the pocket of this rice, because Crushed of the rice could be used as far as 2 - 3 use times. Be enough to hang the pocket in the dry place and keep away from the sun rays, try it and congrats for your sexy pretty skin.


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